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Friday, 2 November 2012

Comte AOP Fort St Antoine, Symphonie

I know! I have spoken about Marcel Petite's comte before. But as well as the Fort St, Antoine, did you know that we also stock the "Symphonie"?
Fort St. Antoine is matured from 10 to 15 months, but Symphonie is matured from 16 to 24 months. Selected wheels with the potential of keeping their freshness, finesse and sublety beyond 16 or 20 months, are matured further to deliver a "symphonie" of enchanting flavours.

I recently attended a trade show in Paris where I was extremely lucky to meet Phillipe Goux from Fromagerie Marcel Petite who kindly took me through their range of comte. We spent about 1 hour sampling and discussing the flavours, aromas and styles of the different cheeses available in the range.
A meeting that I am not likely to forget. I have always been a fan of Marcel Petite cheese but now more than ever. I am awating with impatience our order of Comte AOP Cyclamen Millesime that should be available early December. The Cyclamen Millesime is a comte that is matured in a different way than the Fort St Antoine by using different tempartured cellars.
Hopefully, you'll join me in tasting this amazing cheese in December.

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