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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Desert Island Cheese

I ask some of the Clarks team, what cheese would they take on a desert island, here are the results:

Eden: Ubriaco Rosso (Italian hard cows milk cheese, steeped in the lees of red wine). As Eden said, cheese and wine in 1!

Trevor: Jurassic

Claire: Lipstick and a toy monkey (don't think she understood the question)

Cara: Dairylee (some people are not taking the exercise seriously!)

Chris W: Bells Bluemin White (Yorkshire boy!)

Andrew: Marcel Petite Comte

Graham: Pyrenees Chevre

Tanny: Morin's Fourme d'Ambert

Mine(Pierre): Jacques Carles Roquefort

Ommiting the monkey, lipstick and dairylee, this makes a not too bad cheeseboard.

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