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Friday, 11 May 2012

Pouligny Saint-Pierre

As I am getting ready to participate into a cheese tasting for a customer, I thought, it would be ideal to blog a cheese that I will be talking about, later on today.
The origins of goats' cheese in the Loire Valley, date back from 8th century, when the invading Moors were pushed back to Spain at Poitier by Charles Martell. The Moors had brought with them nomadic goats and most importantly cheese making technics.
Pouligny Saint-Pierre is a soft goats' milk cheese from the Loire Valley, France.
It is shaped like a tall pyramid, weights 250g approx.
It has been an A.O.P. cheese from 1972 and can be produced over 22 villages in the heart of the Parc Naturel de la Brenne (Indre).
The milk comes from a mixture of goats breed (Alpine, Saanen and Poitevine).
After coagulation of a minimum of 18 hours, the curds are handladled in mould and left to drained for 24 hours. The cheese is then dried for 3 days and matured for a mininmum of 7days.
The rind is fine with the occasional blue spot, the pate is ferm but souple, a light "goaty" aroma, and a full flavour.

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